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    Set up a fixed parking area in the material warehouse and workshop. The worker put the raw material on the shelf, according to material supply plan . The intelligent mobile robot according to the command of material calling system move to the fixed parking area in the material warehouse, find the shelf and dock it automatically. Then the robot will carry the shelf to the fixed parking area in the workshop and release it, at last the robot will bring empty shelf back to the material warehouse.


    According to production plan and terminal calling tasks, the intelligent dispatching system which is adapt to customer MES(Manufacturing Execution System) begin to dispatch suitable robot to move to the automatic conveyor belt. Through the infrared sensor,the robot dock with the conveyor belt. After getting the material box, the robot move to the next material dock to put down the material box.


    Two-dimensional code labels are laid on the ground of the warehouse. Shelves are placed in a fixed position. The robot finds the shelve by two-dimensional code, and carry the shelf to the workstation. The staff took off the goods from the shelf, and then the robot moved the shelf back to its original position.


    The Solution of Stereoscopic Warehouse consists of goods shelves, stackers, hoists, intelligent robots, information detection equipment, pallet, crates, etc.